To the women who are dreamers, makers and lovers. For the women who are sexy, smart and wild. We created our swimwear focusing on minimalistic shapes for you, the women who inspire us. We want women to wear our creations to feel confident in their body and unafraid to show some skin. 


My love for kitesurfing has allowed me to travel all around to world. Seeing the enormous impact plastic has to all of these beautiful places, inspired me to design swimwear, using only recycled materials. By re-using what’s already there, I wanted to create a brand that is not only functional, but also ethical and sustainable. Here I am now, turning my dream into reality – creating sustainable products, while cleaning up the ocean and giving back to mother nature. 



The fabric we source for our bikinis is made from recycled post consumer plastic waste and fisher
nets that are collected from the oceans. By purchasing our bikinis, you will help to contribute
removing trash from the ocean and coastlines. So what are you waiting for? Let’s clean up together!


We are a small business run by two strong and passionate women. We create, laugh and grow together. Putting our heart, love and adventures in the design of every piece and project we make. We hope you love OCEANCHILD as much as we enjoy working on it.


If I am not in the ocean kitesurfing or sailing, 
you will most likely find me creating new pieces 
to celebrate the beautiful women around me.


I believe that you should always follow your dreams. 
Get inspired by the beauty life has to offer.
Be open minded, wild hearted, do lots of yoga 
and wear bikinis all day long.


Ethical & sustainable swimwear label from Germany. Minimalistic designs and shapes for the women who inspire us.