With the desire to create a brand that cultivates freedom, creativity and effortless beauty – Oceanchild Swim was born in Brasil 2017 and came to life shortly after in Germany.

The goal was to create minimalistic swimwear and ready to wear designs for the modern women who need to be comfortable yet still look good. All while giving back to mother earth.

Their designs offer sustainability and longevity, with the intention to make women feel confident in their body and unafraid to show some skin no matter what they choose to do – celebrating her individuality, femininity and adventerous spirit.

Laura and Pauline are designing each piece with the tropics at heart, but the european summer in mind. Together they bonded over their mutual love for fashion and the ocean, but more importantly, the dream to combine these two and build a brand that inspires others to make better choices.


Our mission is to create a conscious and sustainable fashion brand.

We wanted to be able to wear beautiful designs and feeling good whilst wearing them. Making sure you know where your pieces are coming from and who is making them we are in close contact with our partners to contribute to more transparency.

From ethical and responsible manufacturing to sustainable packaging and the use of recycled materials, we make this all a priority to minimise the impact we have on mother earth.

By purchasing from us, you are not only buying an eyecatching piece, but also helping to clean up the ocean. We hope to encourage you to live consciously, travel lightly and consume thoughtfully.

We hope you enjoy OCEANCHILD as much as we love working on it.

love xx

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