Closed Loop

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With the goal to maximise profits, the fast fashion industry produces clothes in a cost efficient manner to respond to changing consumer taste. This means, we are able to buy latest fashion trends at cheap and affordable prices all year long. But the true cost of cheap clothing is natural resource depletion and increasing textile waste – 85% ends up on landfills or is being incinerated (NY Times, 2019). It even gets worse, it was revealed that renowned fashion houses regularly incinerated perfectly good products, which were sitting unsold in stock, just as a way to preserve product scarcity and brand exclusivity (Forbes, 2018)

Fact is, fast fashion has a devastating impact on our environment and it is our time and responsibility to act. We believe it is not enough to just source and use recycled materials for our products, but also look at the whole value chain, making sure that our products are not turning into waste at the end of their lifecycle. Instead we try to re-use the material to create new products. This concept is also referred to as circular economy or closed loop process.

What is a Closed Loop System?

A “closed loop” refers to a supply chain model where products are designed, manufactured, and used to circulate within the society for as long as possible. To understand the core concept, you can think of graphical loops or circles. Instead of raw materials moving in a straight line from collection, through manufacturing, to purchase and -once it’s broken or used up- to landfill, imagine a loop. The materials are always moving through this loop, never reaching an endpoint, because the same material is being used over and over again to create new products for purchase. It’s a way to conserve natural resources and divert waste from the landfill (Green Matters, 2019)

How is the closed loop working at OCEANCHILD?

1. We are recycling and reusing what is already there. Our swimwear is entirely made out of post consumer plastic waste.

2. Design and production process. Our pieces are designed to last longer than just one or two seasons.

3. Wear and love your bikini as long as possible

4. Your bikini has reached the end of its lifecycle. Return your used OCEANCHILD swimwear – simply write us a short email prior to sending it back to us.

5. We collect the used materials until we have a suitable amount to create new products (e.g. scrunchies, surf leashes, etc.), thereby no new waste is created and natural resources are saved.

post consumer plastic waste › recycling/ reusing › production of OCEANCHILD swimwear › wear it, love it › › send it back, get 5% off your nect purchase › we reuse the material – no new waste is created

We need you

We as a manufacturer have started the loop by producing our bikinis only from recycled post consumer plastic waste, however we need you to close the loop by sending us your bikini back when it has reached the end of its lifecycle.

As the purpose of a closed loop product is not to recycle it quickly, but to use it as long as possible, we kindly want to remind you to take this into consideration when sending the bikini back.

As a motivation and as a thank-you for your efforts in helping us to close the loop and thereby not contributing to any new waste generation, we offer you a 5% discount voucher for your next purchase in our online shop.

Thank you for being part of our community. Each order, support, post and conversation means so much to us.