One of our main sustainability visions is to contribute to more transparency with our customers as to where their OCEANCHILD pieces are made and coming from.


One of our key values is to be more transparent with our customers about where and how we create and manufacture our swimwear. We believe that ensuring good working relationships and the well-being of all people involved in the value chain of our fashion is central to contributing to a positive impact on Mother Earth and producing high quality fashion.

As a pioneer of change in an industry that is one of the biggest climate and environmental polluters, and exploits people in slave-like conditions, we have not only ecological but also ethical and social responsibilities - living up to this responsibility is a matter of principle for us.


All our swimwear is produced by a small family business in Portugal - near Porto. We work very closely with our production facility and visit them regularly to ensure that the health and safety of the workers is treated with the utmost respect.

All our sewers have an employment contract according to Portuguese law and are covered by social security in Portugal. They work reasonable hours with adequate breaks and receive fair pay. Every overtime hour is paid extra and only takes place after agreement with the respective worker.

Ensuring adequate lighting, sufficient freedom of movement, marked safety distances from large machines (e.g. plotters) and regular safety training ensures a workplace where the health and safety of employees is paramount.

For the production of our beloved swimwear, we can't think of a better producer who not only shares our love of detail and quality standards, but has also created a working environment where all employees are treated equally and fairly - free from any discrimination - as if they were part of one big family.