Classy Coconut – a colour that truly suits everyone

COCONUT - a warm, stylish brown that genuinely suits all of us.

For our new signature colour, COCONUT, we've put a lot of thought into making sure it's a lovely rich chocolate brown and doesn't go too much in the light nude colour direction - as this can often look very unflattering on fair skin types. No matter if you have lighted or toned skin, our new COCONUT colour, on the other hand, really flatters all skin tones and types.

Our beloved brown shade is both elegant and casual. Combine it with a white blouse, trousers or skirt, and accessories in harmonising shades of brown and gold, and you have a luxurious and elegant summer look. 

Our COCONUT collection consists of 4 pieces.

Your beloved IRIS Bralette Top. Our new MALU Triangle Top and our new BENICE High-Waist and INDIE Classic Bikini bottoms. 


Our new MALU Triangle Top is a new edition of our FLOR top from the last collection. As your feedback is essential, we have adjusted the sizes for the latest edition. While the FLOR top was one size smaller, our new MALU top is cut larger and offers a little more coverage. We recommend the MALU top for those who tried on the FLOR top and found it too small. As a reference - the FLOR top in M corresponds to size S in the MALU top - and is therefore accurate in size.

A small detail that makes the MALU unique - it is seamless.


This season we finally have a high-waist bottom in our collection again. In addition to COCONUT, we offer these in many other beautiful colours. The slightly higher leg cut provides an optical lengthening and, at the same time, offers full coverage. The BENICE high-waist bikini bottoms are designed to make you feel comfortable in your skin.

You can combine both tops with our classic cut INDIE bikini bottoms or our new BENICE high-waist bottoms.

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