Terry is a material that most people first think of as dressing gowns and towels. However, the 70s and 90s impressively proved that the soft material belongs in our bathrooms; it is also perfect as a material for clothing. 

With jumpsuits, shorts and skimpy tops, terrycloth experienced its absolute peak in the 70s and 90s. It was quiet around the towel fabric for a long time, but now the cosy fabric is back in fashion. 

We are delighted that terry is back in fashion because the practical advantages of terry are apparent: the fluffy fabric is gentle on the skin and comfortable to wear, but it also dries very quickly in the sun. Plus, we know how robust and hard-wearing the material is from our towels. So with this fabric, you can sit down in the sand, on stones or on your surfboard without worrying about the material wearing out and 'pilling'. And the best thing about terrycloth is that it is comparatively wrinkle-free. So even after a long flight in the suitcase, the bikini looks freshly ironed and can be worn immediately. 

Made from recycled ECONYL® nylon and processed under ethical conditions, we are happy to introduce the new sustainable TERRY collection with its PALM GREEN colour. 

Our PALM GREEN TERRY collection consists of a 2-piece set, the JAMILA bikini top and the KEANI bikini bottoms.



The JAMILA bikini top has a flattering V-neckline. Thanks to its artfully overlapping cut, it offers enough coverage not only for smaller bust sizes but also for larger ones. The adjustable straps allow the top to be individually adjusted for even better support. Golden hardware enhances the top. 


The KEANI bikini bottoms have our new 'Classic' cut and now offer significantly more coverage than our Brazilian Cut 'Aurora' bottoms. In addition, the latest bikini bottoms can be worn mid-rise or pulled up on the hips for an authentic vintage look. 

We're sure - terry is here to stay this season :) 


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